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We offer a varied range of fillers and antiwrinkle injections from our location at Bangor, Gwynedd, North Wales.


Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and HA to rejuvenate and tighten skin.
Michel Pistor, a doctor in France, developed the technique in 1952. It was originally used to relieve pain. In the years since, it has gained popularity in the United States and other parts of the world.

Today, mesotherapy is used to:

• Fade wrinkles and lines
• Tighten loose skin
• Rejuvenate face , neck and décolleté
• Recontour the body
• Lighten pigmented skin
• Treat alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss

The technique uses very fine needles to deliver a series of injections into the middle layer (mesoderm) of skin. The idea behind mesotherapy is that it corrects underlying issues like poor circulation and inflammation that cause skin damage and induce collagen formation.

There isn’t a standard formula for the substances injected in mesotherapy. Doctors use many different solutions, including:

• Peptides
• Enzymes
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Vitamins and minerals


Injection lipolysis is an EU-approved, revolutionary product that helps to dissolve local fat. It may remove unflattering and stubborn areas of fat without the need for liposuction or surgery. Injection lipolysis works by hydrolysing the wall of the fat cell and therefore making it releases it’s lipid content within. The fatty byproduct is then removed from the body via natural processes. This treatment can be used almost anywhere in the body and is particularly popular in reducing the fatty deposits in local areas such as:

• Double chin
• Upper arms
• Buffalo humps
• Chest fat (in men)

Studies have proven that injection lipolysis, such as Aqualyx® causes splitting of fat cells which subsequently leads to natural clearance of fat via the normal system in the liver. The treatments are done every 3-4 weeks until desired result is achieved. On average 3-5 sessions are required depending on the volume of the fat deposit.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are clear, smooth gels which contain hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the dermis layer of the skin. It is essential for the volume and elasticity of the skin. As we age, the natural hyaluronic acid content of our skin decreases.

Dermal fillers are injected into the dermis of our skin to replace the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid. These injections introduce volume to areas where it has been lost and smooth the unwanted lines and wrinkles, lift the tissues giving a natural rejuvenating effect. As a result the skin texture and hydration is improved.

Repeat injections after several months improves appearance and duration of the results ( touch up ).

We use fillers for :

"8 point nonsurgical face lift"
This involves injecting fillers into strategic points ,restoring the volume and correcting the wrinkles in the same time.
The results are comparable but more subtle than a surgical lift.
The area and amount of filler and number of sessions will be tailored to the individual needs

Replacing volume loss and correcting deep wrinkles
Nasolabial folds
Marionette lines
Peri oral (smoker’s lines)

Adding volume and shape
Cheek, lips, chin and jaw, hands reshaping and enhancement


Treatment time 30 minutes
Return to work Immediate / up to 24 hours depending on treatment
Results Immediate ( up to 10 days to fully asses the results )
Duration of results 6—18 months depends on the area treated
Possible side effects Bruising, swelling, very rare infection

Nose fillers

Non surgical "Nose Job".

Mesotherapy injections of HA for skin rejuvenation:

• Face
• Neck
• Hands

Anti wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections, more commonly known as ‘Botox injections’, work by relaxing facial muscles to help reduce and prevent unwanted lines and wrinkles.

When injected into muscles, they work by temporarily relaxing facial muscles to smooth out lines and wrinkles whilst still maintaining the natural expression of your face.

These injections can be used correct existing or static lines facial lines and wrinkles.

or as an anti–ageing treatment to help prevent lines and wrinkles developing as we age.

We use the same injections in different areas to improve and correct :

Frown lines
Forehead lines
Bunny lines
Crow’s feet
Gummy smile
Smokers (peri oral lines)
Eyebrow lift
Chin lines
Sagging neck skin
Excessive sweating


Treatment time 20-30 minutes
Return to work Immediate
Results Develop between 3—14 days
Duration of results 3—4 months
Possible side effects Bruising, swelling, very rare infection, very rarely temporary and time reversible eyebrow droop

HIFU non surgical face and neck lift and rejuvenation

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a relatively new cosmetic treatment for skin tightening that some consider a noninvasive and painless replacement for face lifts. It uses ultrasound energy to encourage the production of collagen, which results in firmer skin. This will improve the results of Botox and Fillers.

Areas treated:


As we age our skin loses volume and elasticity which leads to the formation of lines and wrinkles. The collagen production in the skin slows down, oil production reduces and the skin becomes more dehydrated.

We use a combination of fillers and antiwrinkle injections that can effectively prevent and correct the formation of lines and ultimately improve appearance.


As well as the face, the neck is affected in the ageing process, with loss of fat and reduced water content which leads to loss of volume. Combined with the effects of gravity this problem is most frequently noticed in the lower face, neck and decolletage.

The skin on our neck and décolletage ages equally to the skin on our face. All too often we forget our neck and chest when it comes to anti ageing and concentrate on the face. To avoid disharmony between a youthful face and an aged neck and décolletage, there are many simple and effective treatments to consider. Advanced techniques using botulinum injections and dermal fillers either alone or in combination, give great results.


Perspiration is a normal function of the body, however when it is excessive it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis, can be improved with botulinum injected into the underarm area to help reduce excess sweating with good results.


The skin on our hands age at the same rate as the skin on our face, but like our neck and décolletage, they are often forgotten when it comes to anti ageing.

Although our faces may look youthful our hands can often give our age away.

With age, the skin on our hands loses volume which makes tendons, veins and bones look more prominent.

Treatment with a hydrating dermal filler treatment can help restore volume and youthfulness to the hands.

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